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Storm Damage – Oklahoma Tornado Season Safety

Storm Damage – When severe weather strikes, its best to be prepared with tips that can save your life. Preparing for tornado season in Oklahoma relies on safety precautions, along with having your home storm ready.

In all reality, a tornado can touchdown at any time during the year, but spring is known for severe weather. Ranging from Oklahoma City to the other side of the state, we’ve considered these tips to ensure your family and your family’s safety.

  1. Have a tornado drill or safety plan. Just like your child’s school or nearby offices, your household should have a plan at if any time a tornado was to touchdown near your area. The first thing in your mind is where you will go. Whether it’s having a storm shelter built on your property or going to a shelter, your family should have a designated shelter to go to.
  2. Knowing when to leave your home. You might think your home is steady and stable enough to withstand a tornado, but sometimes the wind is too strong to predict that. If you live in an apartment building or mobile home, it’s best to leave and find shelter elsewhere because you never know if the tornado will destroy it.
  3. Having a tornado kit ready. Just like a first aid kit, your home should have a tornado or severe weather kit readily available in case the power goes out for hours or even days. Your kit should include a flashlight, extra batteries, a first aid kit, cash, extra clothes and shoes, along with matches and a spare set of car keys.
  4. Keeping up with the latest weather updates. The technology based on weather has become almost 100% accurate when it’s about a tornado and its rotation. Some of the signs to look for when expecting a tornado are:
    • High winds
    • Wall cloud with cloud rotation
    • Dark or green sky
    • Loud roars that often sound like a freight train
  5. What not to do. Although there are times when you have to pull the car over on the highway or you can’t leave your home, but there are acts that shouldn’t be performed such as never taking cover under a bridge or overpass, never going outside to watch the tornado, and never try to outrun a tornado.

Taking these precautions and preparing a plan for your family is the smartest thing to do in case of a tornado touching down in your area. Spring time is the best time to also check around your exterior of your home, such as the roofing system for loose nails, shingles or broken guttering system. Without a proper roofing system, your home’s roof could cave in, collapse or be blown off by strong winds that stir up by a tornado.

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Insurance Claims Tulsa – 5 Signs Your Home Isn’t Storm Ready

Insurance Claims Tulsa – Between severe storms, flooding, and tornadoes, Oklahoma gets hit with it all during spring season. Watching the storms on the news or experiencing them yourself, you know it’s smart and safe to prepare your home with the proper roof or roof repair.

Roofscapes has broken down the 5 signs that your home isn’t storm ready, along with the guidance from Preferred Shelters.

Having a weak roof

When a storm approaches your home, most likely the roof is the first part to be hit. With high winds that blow across the state, most homes are affected and left with torn up roofs. Weak roofs will either appear saggy, leaky, or just worn out with faded or broken shingles. It’s important to have our roofing professionals inspect the issues you’re having with your roofing system in order to see what needs to be done before the next storm. We personally work with your insurance agent that allows us to construct a new roof or repair.

Storm Shelter

Living in Oklahoma where tornadoes strike during the warm weather season, it’s important to take extra protection with a shelter on your own property. Installing a storm shelter within your home or own on your property will make it much safer for you and your family during a tornado appearance. It will be right there whenever you need it!

Loose Elements

By having loose garage doors, exterior doors or windows will allow a strong wind to possibly shattered or break through. If the wind breaks into the garage or home through a door, it can be very destructive with what it’s throwing around in that area. Checking the exterior windows and doors to your home by a professional can save your home and family’s safety from a severe storm.

Yard/ Porch

As well as loose elements on your home, you will want to make sure items lying around in your yard or porch have been removed or stored away. Loose items such as children toys, bikes, pots, etc. can easily be thrown during a severe storm or tornado.

Insurance Ready

The most important element to being ready for storm season is by having the protection of insurance. Insurance claims Tulsa coverage will allow you to repair or replace your roofing system with the proper renovations it needs in order to get back to a safe state.

Before or after the storm, your repair or replacement estimate is written down and is taken care of shortly after. In order to file a claim, you will want to look through our step process, along with the important terms to understand and communicate with the insurance adjuster properly.

If your home has been affected from the previous tornado or recent storms, please contact us for a roof repair or replacement!

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Caution: Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that can build up and form at the edge of your roof. When snow builds up on your roof, the snow underneath will start to melt from the heat your house is creating. This meltwater will then run down to the eaves, and because eaves tend to be the coldest point on the roof, it freezes. Once this happens, meltwater will continue to run down the roof, and the ice will continue to grow due to the initial ice that froze in the eave of the roof. As the meltwater continues to drip with nowhere to go, a water backup will occur.

Standing water and your roof are never a happy mix. If you see this happening contact us right away for a free inspection.

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