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What’s No Roof Left Behind?

Tulsa Roofing Company – Do you know someone that has gone through a hard time in the life? Maybe they’ve had a medical issue that had to be paid for or they have lost their job and can’t afford the necessities in life such as a new roofing system. Bad things happen to good people and that’s why No Roof Left Behind is there to help communities organize and rally around a local family in need.

No Roof Left Behind was created back in 2009 to help out families within the community and provide those families with a good roof over their head. The nationwide program gives the community members an opportunity to help a neighbor in need. NRLB pairs up with local contractors for the framework (that’s us) to provide a new roof at no cost to the deserving homeowner in need.

So, how does it work? There are a couple steps that go into play with selecting the family in need.

  1. It starts with uploading photos and a brief story of someone that you know of that needs a new roofing system. The family in need can even be your own!
  2. The volunteers within the community review the nominees by selecting four finalists.
  3. Once the four finalists are selected and revealed, the public voting begins.
  4. The winner will then be revealed online.
  5. Finally, the community will all come together for an installation celebration. The installation celebration will almost be set up like a “GRAND OPENING” for the family’s new roof.

Getting Involved

With No Roof Left Behind program, there are many ways to get involved. Whether you’re a local contractor, a homeowner that wants to nominate or be the nominee, or a sponsor throughout the process, there’s an involvement piece for everyone.

Roofscapes gets involved by being the contractors. Our contractors thoroughly enjoy helping out the community members that are in need of a roof, and we love working with them to see what roof would best fit their home and style.

The homeowner that wants to nominate a family in need of a new roofing system can go through the motions of selecting a family as well as nominating themselves. NRLB is a great way to get the community involved in a project together by spreading the word on social media and throughout the town with family and friends.

Sponsors can donate with money towards the administration of NRLB or volunteering their time for the installation day. Donations can be products used for the new roofing system or help serve lunch at the installation day.

Our community is very important to Roofscapes. Anything we can help pitch in to make it a better place, we’re on it! The No Roof Left Behind program for Roofscapes will be in August, so stay tuned!

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storm restoration

Restoration 101

The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about is having to restore what was damaged or lost after a storm.

From the nasty tornadoes that tear through Oklahoma, it’s hard dodge one if it’s coming towards your property. The only thing for you to do is go into safety for yourself because a house is only cosmetic and can be fixed.

Since your home can be restored, there are some tips to keep in mind while going through the process. When you’re walking through your property, you want to take the time and evaluate the damage that has been done. Next, you will want a professional to come to the site to see how you’re going to move forward and further help assess your home’s damage. There can be damage that is easily overlooked and can be detected by our storm restoration professionals.

Having a professional come to your home will help properly estimate and work through the details in order to take care of the homeowner’s insurance. Here are the items to consider for repair after a storm:

  • Roofing
  • Fencing
  • Siding
  • Tree removal
  • Decks and patios

Listed above is the major spots to evaluate. One spot that homeowners forget to look at it is the interior of their home. Most people are most concerned about the outside because it can be physically spotted out. The inside of your home can suffer more extensive damage such as structural damage due from shifting of your home’s foundation. Being able to identify cracks in your walls, bowing doorways and leakage are problem areas that can be considered for restoration.

Once we’ve walked through your property, inside and out, we’ll handle your insurance claims. When we’re handling your insurance claims, we’ll have a representative for your one-point contact between you and your insurance company. Our roofing Tulsa professionals want to help restore your home back to its natural beauty, so don’t be overwhelmed with the restoration just give us a call!

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Caution: Ice Dams

An ice dam is a ridge of ice that can build up and form at the edge of your roof. When snow builds up on your roof, the snow underneath will start to melt from the heat your house is creating. This meltwater will then run down to the eaves, and because eaves tend to be the coldest point on the roof, it freezes. Once this happens, meltwater will continue to run down the roof, and the ice will continue to grow due to the initial ice that froze in the eave of the roof. As the meltwater continues to drip with nowhere to go, a water backup will occur.

Standing water and your roof are never a happy mix. If you see this happening contact us right away for a free inspection.

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